Client Testimonials

“We really, really appreciated our tutor–he got our son through Biology, pulling him from an F to a very high B by the end of the semester. Super tutor in every way.” Donna, Parent of a Freshman

“I just don’t think I could’ve chosen a better tutor if I’d done it personally. Amanda showed up on time and was so genuine that my son wasn’t intimidated; indeed, he was motivated to please her. She is a natural educator (as opposed to ‘teacher’)….In all, I would not hesitate to recommend your services. Please use me as a reference if you choose to.” June, Parent of Senior, Duluth, GA

“We were very pleased with Victor’s work. Our son improved his SAT score about 180 points. The tutor definitely kept his end of the bargain. He was prompt, struck the right balance of friendliness and business. Obviously he is highly competent.”
James, Parent of a Senior, Decatur High School

“I am a mathematics instructional coach with DeKalb County Schools and I have 18 years experience in the school system teaching Middle School and High School mathematics. The reason I went to Atlanta Tutors is because I wanted my daughter to have the experience of working with someone else and of course time. I am working on my doctorate and I don’t have time for anything else. My daughter has enjoyed all of her tutors and they have really helped her to be successful in her AP classes. She was very excited with the match that you gave her with Jenn. She and Desirae my daughter got along well and my daughter says that she enjoys her style of tutoring.”
Deborah, Parent of a Senior, Chamblee High School

“I just wanted to share the good news! My son’s SAT scores went up 120 points. He is now eligible for the Presidential scholarship at Auburn. I appreciate your encouragement when I first inquired about tutoring a few months ago. Karen was just the tutor we needed.”
Susan, Parent of a High School Senior, Greater Atlanta Christian School

“The tutoring sessions with Cameron were very productive. My daughter had originally failed her math class with a 52. After meeting with Cameron she passed with an 80.83.”
Sandra, Parent of a Senior

“Alicia was a magnificent, highly effective tutor when Monica, our first tutor, was away! Between the two tutors, my son has progressed from barely passing to . . . trumpets please . . . an A- in Anatomy during a time in the course when especially difficult material is being covered (according to Alicia). Of course, my son has worked very hard, but Monica’s & Alicia’s coordinated approaches have truly empowered him to learn the material in a way that works well for him.”
Randi, Parent of a Senior, Woodward Academy

“Joyce walks on water. My daughter felt much better about the test and was very prepared, thanks to Joyce.”
Christine, Parent of a 6th Grader, Friends School

“Kelly came this afternoon and worked with my son for one and a half hours. She was wonderful. She is so organized and helpful that they hit it off immediately and my son was able to get a lot of work accomplished. I cannot tell you how relieved I am that we are making progress in catching up with his work. Kelly adapted easily to my son’s situation and worked with him beautifully. THANK YOU! This is the most hopeful I have felt in two weeks.”
Solange, Parent of a Freshman

“We were exceptionally pleased with our tutor. She was extremely knowledgeable in the subject area, and we saw great improvement in my daughters grades.”
Regina, Parent of a 1st Grader, Imagine International Academy of Smyrna

“Having a tutor come to the home is very important for us. I love that the tutors we have used (Albert was our 2nd tutor) have been pretty flexible. My kids didn’t need weekly tutoring, so having the option of calling when they needed help was valuable to us. It was also nice to have a session longer than 1 hour if needed. I have recommended you to others and have used your company for 2 years. I will certainly use you again in the future. Keep up the good work!”
Becky, Parent of a Junior, Greater Atlanta Christian School

“Excellect tutor–worked well with my son. I’m very satisfied.”
Chip, Parent of a Freshman, Lakeside High School

“My daughter’s SAT score improved by almost 100 points.”
Cissy, Parent of a Senior, St. Pius X Catholic High School

“I went from a hopeless math student (failed previous course) to getting an A this time!! It was a miracle, by all definitions of the word. Couldn’t have done it without Karen. She was extremely helpful to me and made the material much more accessible. She was always available to meet with me for longer if I needed it, and I really appreciated her patient and clear tutoring style. I would definitely recommend her to friends. ”
Catherine, Senior, Emory University

“We were very satisfied with our tutor. She was on target with her direction regarding my daughter’s SSAT needs. She was always on time, accommodated our schedule 100% of the time, and was accessible by phone and email. We cannot be certain that SSAT tutoring quantitatively helped improve our daughter’s SSAT score, since my daughter was taking the test for the first time; however, I can only assume that Shanna’s tutoring helped! I’m confident that qualitatively, Shanna made an enormous difference. My daughter’s test anxiety was abated by Shanna’s confidence in her, as well as her ability to share and pre-test against the test requirements. My daughter was well prepared for the test and mentioned that there were no surprises on the SSAT.”
Julie, Parent of a 5th Grader

“Thank you, Tom did an amazing job with our daughter. He was incredibly prepared and always very professional. We have always been so pleased with your tutors! Thanks again for providing an invaluable service to Atlanta parents and their children!!”
Eric, Parent of a Junior, Holy Innocents Episcopal School

“I was very satisfied with the tutor that was provided, and the service was great.”
Michelle, Parent of a 3rd Grader, Midway Elementary School

“The tutor was excellent. He gave my son the confidence he needed to tackle the test. I was impressed with the fact that we got such fast service over the holiday break.”
Terri, Parent of an 8th Grader, Mt. Bethel

“We were very satisfied with the tutor and all communications with him and Atlanta Tutors, and we did get an improvement in the SAT score. You guys were great!!!!!!!”
Naneen, Parent of a Senior, Blessed Trinity Catholic High School

“You’re a champ, Sandra, an incredibly valuable resource for kids in need of a little help.”
Dana, Parent of a Senior, North Atlanta High School

“Excellent! Ms. Suber was very patient, knowledgeable, capable and efficient. Keep it going!”
Ravi, Parent of a Junior, Woodward Academy

“Our tutor was Tammi, and she was fabulous! My son initially was negative about the tutoring but soon looked forward to the sessions. She was fun, but also firm. She encouraged him and did her best to challenge him to want to study more on his own. In addition, she gave him some great tips. I was so sad to say goodbye. She was everything I was hoping for and more. My first experience was great,and I will use your service again. Thank you for a great experience.”
Theresa, Parent of an 8th Grader, Mt. Vernon Presbyterian

“Working with my tutor was a great learning experience. He taught me that the SAT is not just a test of knowledge, but also one of preparation. He also taught me test taking strategies. Without these strategies I do not believe I could have done as well on my test. Working with him was well worth my time.”
Stacey, Senior, Greater Atlanta Christian School

“My tutor has taken me from horribly organized and poorly planned papers that received B’s and C’s in my Emory writing classes to A’s in almost all of my writing assignments. Now I am the student who receives ‘Excellent work!’ ‘Well thought out,’ and ‘Can’t wait to read more!’ comments from my professors. My tutor helped me become a better, more confident writer by working with me one on one until I understood why and how I should change my writings. Thank you!”
Hilary, Sophomore, Chemistry Major, Emory University

“I learned how to be smart when taking the SAT—how to identify the hard questions and to know what to look for when answering each kind of question. I loved my tutor! He was funny and not boring like my previous tutor. I believe studying should be fun.”
Stephanie, Junior, South Forsyth High School

“We were very satisfied with the tutoring provided by Tim. We would be happy to recommend him to anyone and, if the need arises, would request his services again.”
Tonya, Parent of a Freshman, Community Christian School

“I learned so much. My grammar improved greatly, and it shows on my SAT score and in my school work. My grammar assignments at school are now easier to me. My tutor was funny and very smart.”
Kris, Senior, Blessed Trinity High School

“I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Doug! I think he has been a great resource for my daughter. Doug’s knowledge and consistency has helped boost her confidence and she has improved her scores.”
Janice, Parent of a Junior, Milton High School

“Thank you for arranging the tutoring for my daughter on such short notice. Adrienne was great and they were able to do what was needed to complete the paper.”
Julie, Parent of a Junior, Roswell

“Our tutorials with Atlanta Tutors were excellent. We will tell others about you and we will return as needed.”
Marcia, Parent of a Sophomore, Chamblee Charter High School

“We are happy to have met Tom. He is terrific and has been a great help to Joe. I could not make even the slightest suggestion to improve the experience we have had with him.”
Patty, Parent of a Senior, Paideia School

“We’ve been delighted with the quality of the tutors that you’ve provided us thus far. Many thanks.”
John, Parent of an 8th Grader, The Lovett School

“Aaron is an excellent tutor and he is really helping our daughter.”
Deborah, Parent of a Junior, Chamblee High School

“Thanks and all is well with our tutor. My kids enjoy the experience and there is definitely progress in their quality of work and understanding of the subject matter.”
Ann-Marie, Parent of a 5th Grader and 3rd Grader, Woodward Academy

“Amy is doing a great job and my kids enjoy working with her. She has great enthusiasm for what she’s doing and is always excited to hear what grades they got on tests and quizzes she’s helped them prepare for. Carlos did a very good job matching her to my kids’ learning styles and abilities. Thanks!”
Julie, Parent of a 7th Grader, Pace Academy and a Sophomore, Mt. Vernon High School

“Thank you so much. Our tutor is fabulous, my daughter relates very well and he is very comprehensive. It is going wonderfully.”
Tonya, Parent of a 7th Grader, Holy Innocents Episcopal School

We were very pleased with the service and the tutor. My daughter’s [SAT] score went up 100 points, due mostly to the tutor….I think that this type of service is of much more value than a classroom setting, at least for our child.
Marcia, Parent of a Junior, Dunwoody High School

“Alicia is doing a wonderful job with our son, they work very well together. She knows the [SSAT] material well and has the scheduling flexibility to work perfectly with this family. We are completely satisfied with the job she is doing.”
Debra, Parent of a 5th Grader, Holy Spirit Prep School

“Jonathan did a great job. My daughter enjoyed working with him and he really knew the subject matter.”
Janey, Parent of a Sophomore, Galloway School

“Molly has been an outstanding tutor. She is punctual, intelligent, and organized.”
Bonnie, Parent of a Home School Student, Commerce, GA

“Thank you for the high quality tutoring that I received from Ms. Smith. She did an excellent job.”
Kathy, Graduate Student, Walden University

“Alicia was great with Erica. She was able to get through a good quantity of material and help her understand it more comprehensively.”
Tonya, Parent of a Sophomore, Sandy Springs, GA

“I’m grateful to Atlanta tutors for the help that I received from them. I just completed my first semester of graduate school. I received my bachelors degree just over ten years ago, so you can imagine that when it came time to write, I was feeling a bit rusty. I’m really pleased with the grades I received on my papers and the final grade in the course. I don’t believe the outcome would have been the same if wasn’t for the excellent, high caliber instruction that I received from my tutor. Thanks and I’ll be needing you next semester!”
Brooks, First Year Graduate Student, Graduate Theological Union

Amanda was terrific – we would like to keep her “on call” for over the summer. She was always on time and very knowledgeable in the subject areas. My daughter now has a better understanding of how to approach the SAT. We would highly recommend Amanda.
Diane, Parent of a Junior, Grayson High School

“Thank you so much for your help in setting up the tutoring for with Alicia. My son enjoyed working with her and said that she was very helpful and encouraging.”
Terri, Parent of a Student at Gainesville State College

“I learned to tackle questions on the SAT faster and more effectively. On the Reading section, the “positive and negative” technique was great. Overall, my reading and writing score improved greatly, so I should say that he is a great teacher. I learned a lot about the SAT.”
Earl, Senior, Northview High

“John is wonderful, and my son seems to be responding well…Thank you for making this so easy.”
Amy, Parent of a Junior, Grady High School

“My teacher had a strong understanding of the material. He showed a great interest in what I learned, and he really worked to prepare me for my exams.”
James, Sophomore, Mathematics and Physics Double Major, Emory University

“I think that my tutor was an excellent tutor. He was very organized and attentively answered my questions. He really seemed to care.”
Freshman, Emory University

“My tutor was a smart guy and a goodhearted SAT teacher who knows how to deal with the main problems that students struggle with. ”
J.B., Junior, Centennial High

“Thank you for recommending David — he seems to be doing well with our son and we appreciate his flexibility in working around Peter’s soccer schedule.”
Ruth, Parent of a Sophomore, Decatur High School

“My tutor was really nice. He always made me feel comfortable, and I learned a lot about how to write the SAT essay.”
Haejin, Junior, Northview High

“I received help with an American History class at Emory University. My tutor had a clear and effective way of mapping out and explaining concepts. Aside from academics, I found him very approachable and friendly. Overall, a very effective and concerned educator.”
Natanya, Sophomore, History Major, Emory University

“My tutor was extremely helpful. He assisted my in preparing for my exams and was willing to answer any questions I had at any time.”
Junior, Emory University

“I learned many things, and the SAT tutoring helped me to improve my English skills. ”
Taek Min, Senior, Northview High

“Val thought the tutor was very good. Thanks.”
Brian, Sponsor of a Junior, Georgia Perimeter College

“Mrs. Holmes is an excellent tutor. We were very satisfied.”
Daphne, Parent of a Senior, Whitewater High School

“The tutoring is going very well, and I am DEFINITELY feeling more confident in the subject [business calculus].”
Elizabeth, Sophomore, Emory University

“Melissa was our tutor. When I asked my son if he thought she helped, he said ‘yes, alot!’ You responded to my request right away and provided a very qualified tutor. I wouldn’t hesitate to use your service again or to recommend to others.”
Ann, Parent of a 5th Grader, Austin Elementary

“I need a comfort level and an advocate for my son as he obtains knowledge. Mentoring and someone with good competent math skills are critical for us. My son was especially excited when his tutor showed him special math ‘games’ or maneuvers to work a specific problem. You have found us someone with an excellent foundation in the properties of math. This is exactly what we wanted.”
Carla, Parent of a 7th Grade Homeschool Student

“My son thought his tutor was fine, and I felt that the communication and updates were great.”
Clare, Parent of a Junior, Westminster School

It went great! My daughter and I both really liked the tutor.”
Cissy, Parent of a Senior, St. Pius X Catholic High School

“Heather is great. The main thing that she did today was to help my daughter to her to understand that the formulas that she was trying to memorize actually work together. By setting up a framework for all those things she was trying to memorize, she got immediate improvement on a lot of questions.”
Dana, Parent of a Student at Georgia Perimeter College

“Your tutor is really doing a great job. My daughter really enjoys working with her.”
Barbara, Parent of a Junior, Rockdale High School

“Neal has been wonderful! We are very pleased. Thanks!”
Leslie, Parent of a Junior, Holy Innocent’s Episcopal School

“John has been great! I am so impressed with his tutoring skills.”
Mary, Parent of Junior, Riverwood High School